Terms & conditions

  • All trips require a deposit of AUD$750.00 to secure a spot.

  • Only when the deposit has been paid in full will the client be billed for the remainder of the

  • trip package price.

  • The client agrees to MindFit Adventures various policies: payment policy (standard and

  • partial), cancellation policy, and refund policy.



Transfers are only inclusive when the transfer is to and from the trips Destination Airport to the

said Accommodation or Meet up location. If a guest is needing transfers to and from the

Accommodation or Meet up location from other than the Airport, the guest must provide their own

transfers and MindFit Adventures are not liable for their organisation or cost of that transfer.

MindFit Adventures does not accept responsibility for any airport transfers/connecting flights to or

from a guest’s nominated destination.

Rights to Photographic or Film Material

MindFit Adventures reserves the right to use any photographic or film material collected

throughout the duration of the MindFit Adventures trip, for commercial purposes. MindFit

Adventures does not require written consent from you and is not required to provide any form of

compensation to you for using materials gathered on the trip. By agreeing to these Terms and

Conditions, you hereby agree and give permission for MindFit Adventures to use any film or

photographic material free of license.

Privacy Policy

  • MindFit Adventures shall retain your personal information, including your name, your address,

    your telephone number and email.

  • Your personal information shall be stored on the MindFit Adventures database. You will only

    receive promotional material if you have given permission for MindFit Adventures to do so.

  • MindFit Adventures does not disclose personal information to 3rd parties unless required to

    be law.

  • MindFit Adventures shall take the necessary steps to protect your personal information from

    any unauthorized access.


Trip Package Price - Deposit = Remaining Balance

Remaining Balance / 2 Payments = Amount To Be Paid According To Standard Payment Policy


Trip Package Costs AUD$3899 – Deposit AUD$750 = AUD$3149 Is Remaining Balance

Remaining Balance AUD$3149 / 2 Payments = AUD$1574.5 Is Amount To Be Paid, In 2

Payment Dates

[1st Payment] 50% of the remaining balance is due 90 days prior to the first day of the selected

trip package.*

[2nd Payment] The final balance is due 45 days prior to the first day of the selected trip


*Payments are subject to a 10 day grace period after the due date. Late payments past the grace

period can be subject to late fees of up to 5%.



Partial Payment Policy, is an agreement of Payment Terms of the Remaining Balance, made

between the Customer purchasing a Trip Package and The Sales Representative of MindFit

Adventures. Partial Payment Policy can vary from customer to customer.

Trip Package Price - Deposit = Remaining Balance

Remaining Balance / Agreed Partial Payment Policy = Amount’s To Be Paid According To Partial

Payment Policy


Partial Payment Policy Agreement in this case is 6 Payment Dates.

Trip Package Price AUD$3899 – Deposit AUD$750 = AUD$3149 Is Remaining Balance

Remaining Balance AUD$3149 / 6 Payments = AUD$524.83 Amount To Be Paid, In 6 Payment


For a partial payment scheme, MindFit Adventures charges 5% in fees if payment is to be made

in full prior to trip commencing. MindFit Adventures charges 10% if payment is to be completed

up to 12 months after the trip has run. The additional costs will be reflected in the final invoice/s.

Once a client agrees to the payment plan, they will be automatically billed for the quoted amount

in set intervals until the remaining balance is paid in full.



MindFit Adventures reserves the right to cancel any of its scheduled trips in the event of sudden

changes in the conditions that are suitable for running a specific trip. The conditions for a trip

cancellation may be, but are not limited to:

  • Poor/extreme weather conditions

  • Changes to operational conditions

  • Dangerous environmental conditions

Conditions beyond MindFit Adventures control may also lead to a cancellation.

MindFit Adventures also reserves the right to cancel a trip should the minimum number of people

needed to run a specific trip fail to be met.

In the event of a cancellation, you will be fully informed and the amount that you have already

paid will be treated as transferable credit which you may allocate towards any other MindFit

Adventures trip package. You may be entitled to a refund if a transfer is not applicable. If

cancellation is due to events outside our control, refunds will not include any unrecoverable




Any payments made towards any of MindFit Adventures trips are non-refundable.

If you wish to cancel or transfer your trip booking, cancellation fees will apply.

After cancellation fees have been applied, Your payments towards a specific trip package will be

held and deemed as transferable credit which you can choose to allocate towards any of MindFit

Adventures future trips.

A cancellation will only be confirmed when we have received full written confirmation via email

from the customer.

Below is the breakdown of our cancellation fees:

For a total amount paid in excess of AUD$750, the breakdown is as follows:

Trip Price - AUD$750 = Amount To Be Addressed

The credit percentage and time table is as follows:

  • 90 days and above = 50% loss of total deposit cost, remainder as credit

  • 45-89 days = 40% loss of total trip cost, remainder as credit

  • 15-44 days = 60% loss of total trip cost, remainder as credit

  • 14 days or less = 100% loss of total trip cost, no credit

Additionally, if you leave a trip for any reason after it has commenced, MindFit Adventures is not

obliged to make any refunds for unused services.



We at MindFit Adventures strive to ensure that all our trips operate as described. However, if

circumstances arise, we reserve the right to make changes to the itinerary as necessary.

Before trip commencement: All clients will be informed as soon as possible and as long as there

is suitable time before the trip commences.

After trip commencement: We reserve the right to make changes to the itinerary once the trip has

commenced as the circumstances require.



MindFit Adventures is responsible for the proper arrangement and for conducting your vacation.

We also work with a network of providers and individuals to assist in the running of our trips.

These third party providers are independent entities over which we have no direct control over.

Unless caused by our own negligence, we are not responsible for the following:

To the fullest extent permitted by law:

  • Liabilities for any loss, damages, injuries or death which may occur in connection with your

    participation in our trips.

  • Liabilities for any loss, damage or delay of baggage and/or other properties unless

    stemming from negligence on the part of MindFit Adventures.

  • Liabilities stemming from force majeure or any other causes beyond MindFit Adventures

    control. We also cannot be held responsible for interruption in airline services due to

    complications with your chosen airline outside those included within the trip.

  • Liabilities for any loss of enjoyment, disappointment, distress and/or frustration, be it

    physical or mental, resulting from the following: Resulting from any of sub-paragraphs




Optional activities not included in the itinerary are not part of the trip or booking contract. MindFit

Adventures will not be liable for any optional activities that we assist you in arranging.



1. Securing your spot. It is your responsibility to secure your spot for your desired trip. As

stated in our Terms & Conditions, all trips will require a deposit of AUD$750.00 to lock in your


2. Securing your flights. It is your responsibility to book your incoming and outgoing flights. We

advise all our clients to make flexible and refundable flight bookings in case of cancellations on

our end that fall under our Cancellation Policy. MindFit Adventures is not liable for any costs

incurred on non flexible flights in case of cancellations.

3. Securing your travel documents. It is your responsibility to insure that you have all the

required documents to travel to our destination. Please make sure that your passport is valid for

a minimum of 6 months from your date of departure. Additionally, if a Visa is required for entry,

please secure your Visa as well.

4. Securing your travel insurance. It is highly recommended for all MindFit Adventures clients

to secure their travel insurance before departing for their trip. MindFit Adventures cannot be held

liable for any loss associated with not acquiring the appropriate insurance before any trip


5. Acceptance of risks. It is your responsibility to understand and accept the adventurous

nature of MindFit Adventures trips and that a degree of personal risk is involved. We strive to

ensure that information about our destination is accurate so as to reduce, or eliminate, the risks

involved in the itinerary. To that end, you acknowledge that your decision to travel and book a

trip with MindFit Adventures is made in consideration of this information and that you accept the

risks involved.